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Element G

Element G

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999,00 €
- 6 комбинаций цветов подсветки вентиляторов

- 3 основных цвета подсветки 

- Подстраиваемая скорость вращения вентиляторов

- Возможность установки 7 x 3.5” и 2 x 2.5 HDD или SSD

- Отличная вентилируемость
Дополнительная информация
P/N VL10001W2Z
Серия Другое
Model VL10001W2Z
Case Type Middle Tower
Dimension (H x W x D) 480.0 x 230.0 x 521.0 mm

(18.9 x 9.1 x 20.5 inch)
Net Weight 7.92 kg / 17.46 lb
Side Panel Mesh Window
Color Exterior & Interior : Black
Material Front bezel: Metal mesh

Chassis: SECC
Cooling System Front (intake) :

200 x 200 x 20 mm Touchcolor fan, 600~800rpm, 12~14dBA;

Two 120 x 120 mm fan (optional)

Rear (exhaust) :

140 x 140 x 25 mm TurboFan, 1000rpm, 16dBA

Top (exhaust) :

200 x 200 x 20 mm Touchcolor fan, 600~800rpm, 12~14dBA

VGA (exhaust) :

Two 60 x 60 mm fan (optional)

Side (intake) :

Plug&Play 230 x 230 x 20 mm Touchcolor fan, 600~800rpm, 13~15dBA
Drive Bays

- Accessible : 3 x 5.25’’

- Hidden : 7 x 3.5’’, 2 x 2.5”
Expansion Slots 7
Motherboards 9.6” x 9.6” (Micro ATX), 12” x 9.6” (ATX)
LCS Upgradable Support 1/2”、3/8”、1/4” water tube
I/O Port USB 2.0 x 4, HD Audio
PSU Standard ATX PSII (optional)
Traficantes de Hardware
So, this Element G is a nice Mid-tower with high specifications ; Thermaltake really took care of all the details and released case that can support the latest and most powerful hardware while offering a  powerful and silent cooling performance at the same time. <More>
Hardware Secrets
Thermaltake Element G is a mid-tower case targeted to the exigent user that wants a high-quality mid-tower case full of features. <More>
From the outside to the inside the Thermaltake Element S Case is really something. While it does have a plastic top and front it's not your typical shinny cheap looking plastic. The side panels and inside is steel which adds weight but means it's really sturdy. Also, there are lots of drive bays and a torrent of features, many of them are unique. Thermaltake did an excellent job of this case and its one of the best mid-tower cases out there. Watch the video to find out more... <More>
HiTech Legion
The user controllable fan speeds and lighting is an awesome touch that many case manufacturers leave out. The ability to control the fan speed is very nice so that when I want to use the computer for light duty work, I can turn the fans down and cut down on the overall noise output of the system. I also like the ability to change the lighting effects or turn them off all together, really giving a lot of control to the user. <More>

Even if they didnt use Aluminium in the design, something that would reduce the total weight of the case, Thermaltake made a fantastic case where the good points beat by far the bad points.

And not only the option to change the color and speed of the fans with the same controller, also the interior of the case is very good designed and provides plenty of space for all componentes, not only HDD drives, also graphic cards or sound cards with big length.


Unlike some cases, the Thermaltake Element G Gaming Chassis has the ability to suit your personal color preference, or even just your mood. With most cases that sport LEDs in their fans, most of them come with one color option, while some have the option to toggle them off. With the Thermaltake Element G you can have them off if you’re not an LED sort of person or you can have the option of blue, green, red, an almost strobe effect that cycles through the colors and then starts mixing multiple colors, or an option that gradually transitions through them.

For an approximate price of 95 euros, we can entirely give Thermaltake Element G the N3D Recommended Award <More>
The first thing that hits you is it is all black inside. With every manufacturer making black components like motherboards, coolers and video cards, it is easy to get a dark theme going with this case. The interior of the Element G is not made of some weak and filmsy metal we have seen in many cases, but a heavy SECC alloy that makes it very sturdy. <More>
Clube de Hardware

In summary, we think this is a very good option for the user that is looking for good mid-tower case but doesn’t want to pay more than USD 85 to have one. Of course if you have a bigger budget then you can go for a case with better overall quality and with more features, but for its price point it is definitely a good buy.

Choice is something that end users love to have and the Element G is all about that. The abilities to control everything from fan speed, noise level, and to even the flavor on the day fan color is incredible.  On the inside the modular type setup allows you freedom to set things up the way you want them and not compromise layout or cable management.  <More>
Pure Overclock

The Thermaltake Element G is a great mid-tower case that showcases a nice blend of style, features, and quality, coming in a rather unique setup that will elicit either a love or hate response due to the lighting. But if you want something different and are looking for a quality a mid-tower that offers versatility to suit a wide range needs and tastes, the Element G deserves a good look.

I was truly blown away at every twist and turn by the innovation and attention to detail. <More>
Unique Rigs

Overall, the Element G is a very well designed case. Nice exterior and interior, this case will surely get your PC noticed. The mesh front panel and the quad color LED fans on the lights make the Thermaltake Element G stand out. With the massive interior fans, it surely will keep your hardware components nice and cool. Noise will also be at a minimum as the adjustable fan controller will help you set the speed for the fan, wether you need less or more air cooling. We really like the Thermaltake Element G design and aesthetic wise. We give it a score of 9 out of 10 and wins our Editor's Choice.

This is a great case weighing in at just less than 18lbs empty it is not the easiest case to move around when it is loaded up to the nines and costing 145.00US on Newegg.com this is a great mid-level chassis, for anyone in the market. I recommend this great piece of engineering to any and all on-lookers with no hesitation what so ever. <More>
The Element G is a case that reflects a great deal of thought and effort in its design. We have immense cooling, vast amounts of room for hard drives and some of the best cable management you can get. If you are looking for a mid tower case that will not only accommodate the larger video cards and motherboards, but do it in style, then the Element G is right up your ally. <More>
Overclockers Club

This case has a lot going for it. It features space for a lot of hard drives and moves about as much air as anything else on the market. What gives it an edge over the competition is the amount of space dedicated to hard drives. I have yet to see another mid tower that can hold this many. There are also many optional accessories that you can put in the Element G, such as two optional 120mm fans in front and two 60mm fans in the real for VGA cooling. It also has great looking LED fans and the option to change between five color modes, which I found to be quite nifty.

This is a gaming case so you are going to want to keep this things cool and Thermaltake knows that. That is why they have included 4 fans! Three of 4 fans can be controlled by the knob on the front of the case, which is really cool. So say you are gaming you can turn the fans all the way up and when you are just surfing the web you can turn them down. Also these three fans have LED's in them, 3 different colors actually which also can be switched. This really separates this case from others, I don't know many that offer colored fans like this. <More>
The Element G chassis is an beautiful chassis all around, it is well built, and rugged. Having the fans do six different modes of lighting definitely adds to this chassis. <More>
The Element G is a balanced package that should appeal to many gamers. Effective cooling, it is also offered at a fair price sometimes even below 100 €. The icing on the cake are the different light effects that can be adjusted in harmony with the rest of your equipment. In short, this is not the perfect round, but it's still a good case that you should not miss. <More>
Overall, I have to give the Thermaltake Element G a TBCS 5/5. The case is quiet and unassuming when you wants to be, and powerful and dazzling when you want it to be. The multitude of choices that this case offers to the user are what makes the Element G deserving of our highest rating. <More>
BCC Hardware
It has excellent ventilation, is very quiet and has large, slow fans that pump out a good amount of air with multi-colored lights.  The built-in fan controller is handy as well.  If you keep in mind that you could easily put 15TB (7 * 2TB 3.5" HDDs + 2 * 500GB 2.5" HDDs) of drives in this case, it is worth considering if you're a storage junkie. <More>
While at first glance the Element G appears to be a knock-off of another popular chassis on the market, Thermaltake has actually gone them one better, offering distinctive lighting and comparable cooling. It's very quiet, will support lots of hard drives and really deserves a place on your short list if you're in the market for a new mid-tower case, particularly if you want a little bling in your life. <More>
XS Reviews

The Thermaltake Element G is a great contender if you’re looking for a new chassis: it’s got the looks complete with adjustable LEDs; the cooling potential to cool even the hottest of rigs and of course the clever installation and cable management design.

Expandability is catered for very well with the 120mm fan holders and don’t forget that SSDs can be installed directly without an adapter.

Award Fabrik
In addition to the excellent workmanship, the case convinces with many details, such as the openings in the motherboard tray, mouse and keyboard cable lock, direct mounting for 2.5'' drives, or the included cloth cover.
Modders Inc.
The external construction is interesting with the textured powder coat, mesh and color changing fans. Or if bling is not your thing, you can completely turn off the fan lighting. That is indeed some very nice visual flexibility, as not everyone that may want this case is going to want the lit fans. TT was smart to build that functionality into the case. Wider market appreciation, kudos on that decision. The fans push a good amount of air into and out of the case keeping the hottest components, thermally managed. <More>
Hi-Tech Reviews
Whether you are in the market to replace and existing computer case or just buying a new one for the system you are about to build, give the Thermaltake Element G a good long look. This is one case that you will be glad to have and it will be at home either in your office or on your gaming desk. <More>
Thermaltake demonstrates once again that quality can be achieved even at the right price. The Element G contains in itself the right blend of practicality and style, offering a case aimed at a younger audience but in the meantime with the right number of customers more sober lines of adulthood. For the first time a choice of style that it proves what a chassisfor "Gamers" must not have the power lines out of the ordinary, a solution often abused in homes for young people. <More>
Overall I was pleasantly surprised with the Element G's performance and feature set. In fact this is the first case from Thermaltake that has impressed me in a while. Of course, even with the fancy fan lighting, amazing wire management, and black interior. <More>
Aesthetic and design of high quality. LEDs on the fans with different effects that can be controlled from the front panel. Superior performance in ventilation.
Thus, we can conclude that the case is more done for those users who value the external entourage more, but who are not enthusiasts, and open the chassis once per 1-1,5 year only for full change of a configuration. <More>
Bay Reviews
The simple all black design is perfect for any home computer and also stands out with the cool colors to fit your mood. I would highly recommend this case for anyone looking for an excellent case for home, small office or basement needs. <More>
Real World Labs

For the flexible design and the fact that I liked this case so much I built my home computer into it and it’s now sitting on my desk, I am happy to award the Thermaltake Element G the Real Deal Editor’s Choice Award.

The Thermaltake Element G is a great mid-tower case that showcases a nice blend of style, features, and quality, coming in a rather unique setup that will elicit either a love or hate response due to the lighting. <More>
Chip Turkey

The Elements G provides for excellent cooling while combining a stylish design and quality materials, therefore creating a good basis for high-end systems.